My name is Dilan Danushka as Jayasak Tours owner. I am a Sri Lankan born and a private tour guide with over 15 years of hands on guiding experience.

It gives me great pleasure and makes me very proud to show my clients our authentic Sri Lankan life style and guide them to the famous, along with the uncharted but exciting places around Sri Lanka. My home town is Kalutara, So I can provide my personalized

service from any hotel in Kalutara district. If you decide to use my services within Sri Lanka, I will organize your every whim within my power, from the day you arrive in Sri Lanka, until the day you depart our wonderful country. I guarantee my honest personal service offering you my advice and protection from unscrupulous dealers.

During your tour touring period you can enjoy yourself our culture, nature, sanctuaries and many other things. ‘My ultimate objective is to make you feel comfortable. ‘I have mentioned several example tour programs in my tour packages. Accordingly we can arrange tours to any destination of your choice to suit your requirements. These tours can be with or without accommodation. We have lot vehicles with various facilities we can offer them at reasonable rates as case may be.


Kuda Waskaduwa,
Sri Lanka.