Adam's Peak

The Sri Pada pilgrimage is a seasonal event that takes place between the months of December to May each year, where thousands flock to pay homage to sacred footprint atop the Adam’s Peak. Few mountains the world over might have attracted as many pilgrims as this one which soars 7000 feet above sea level and is situated off Ratnapura, the city of gems.
The pilgrimage converges the nation’s four religious faiths. The sacred footprint is, according to the Buddhists, that of Buddha who visited the peak at the invitation of its guardian deity. To the Hindus it is that of Shiva, the great Hindu God of Destruction. To the Christians it is that of St. Thomas, whilst to the Muslims it is that of Adam who, post-expulsion from the Garden of Eden, took refuge on this mountain.


Thirteen kilometers from Anuradhapura is Mihintale, the site of introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka in the year 247 BC. The King of Sri Lanka having embraced Buddhism established the world’s first fauna and flora sanctuary at Mihintale in the 3rd century BC. Monasteries, an ancient hospital, dagobas, ponds, caves in which Buddhist monks lived are among the many places of interest that the visitor should see.


Kuda Waskaduwa,
Sri Lanka.